Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie


  • Niece of Chip Taylor 
  • (2000) One of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People 
  • She is extremely close to and protective of her brother Jamie. He often accompanies her to awards shows, and she used his name, or at least his memory, as inspiration in the "Where's Jamie?!" scene in Girl, Interrupted. 
  • Has the letter 'H' tattooed on the inside of her left wrist, which is a reference to two people she is close to who have this letter in their names: her brother, James Haven, and Timothy Hutton. She got the tattoo when she was dating Timothy but since their break up she now says it's only for James. 
  • Has a tattoo of the Tennesee Williams quote, "A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages, " on her left forearm, which she got with her mother present. 
  • Jolie is actually her middle name
  • Left handed. 
  • Was married to Johnny Lee Miller in a black leather pants and a white shirt. On the white shirt she painted her husband's name in her own blood (across the back.).
  • Tattoos include the Japanese sign for death, two pointy black American Indian symbols, a dragon, and a large black cross. 
  • Mother is Marcheline Bertrand
  • Father is Jon Voight

  • Majored in film at New York University
  • Collects knives and has an interest in mortuary science.
  • (2000) Angelina and her brother to whom she is very close publicly spoke out to deny false rumors that the two were having an incestuous love affair.
  • Sister of James Haven (I)

  • Had childhood dream of becoming a funeral director 
    Named the world's sexiest woman in Swedish magazine Caf´┐Ż 
    "Jolie" means "pretty" in French.
  • Goddaughter of actress Jacqueline Bisset.

  • Graduated from Beverly Hills High School at age 16.

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